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Financial Assistance: Funeral, Cremation & Burial Services

Our deepest condolences are extended for your loss. United By Loss Foundation understands how mentally, emotionally, and ultimately devastating

the loss of a child can be. We wish we could alleviate the suffering. Instead, we are now providing Dekalb County, Georgia mothers and birth givers with financial assistance. Our financial assistance program will cover funeral, cremation, and burial cost for babies born at or about 24 weeks gestation (and passed away in NICU) or babies born "sleeping." Please review the requirements before you submit your application. The qualifications must be met to be approved for financial assistance.


  • The deceased infant must have been born "sleeping" or at or around 24 weeks gestation (and passed away in the NICU).
  • The family must provide medical release paperwork (including delivery information).
  • Birth Certificate and Death Certificate Copies (if applicable).

Apply for Assistance

Mother's Name*

Mother's Date of Birth*

Baby's Name (if applicable)*

Baby's Date of Birth*

Gestational Weeks of Baby*

Email Address*

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Consent to Contact Your Physician About Your Baby *

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